The Foodies Invasion

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Basic Information

  • unknown
  • Management Strategy
  • 1.2.6
  • 2017-06-02
  • 64.73MB

About The Game

World view of the game The food kingdom has a machine that can produce all kinds of food and is a national treasure.All chowhound want to taste all over the world delicacy,they want to get the machine that can make food,because they want to sit at home can eat all the delicacy in the world,So they decided to form the army, to the food kingdom to seize the machine.But they don't know,in addition to making the food, the machine can make the food into a weapon to attack the enemy.The war between the delicacy and chowhound kicked off. Features of the game Food king domestic all defense towers are food style, using the design of the humanoid.Tower is divided into independent target attack, area target attack, etc..Each type of tower has different attack distance, attack speed and damage value,the tower will change appearance when upgrading,at the same time will enhance the fighting force.Each type of tower's unique offensive style, making the game more strategic.Each type of tower has a vivid shape, which allows the player to be able to visually distinguish the characteristics of the tower,greatly reduced the cost of learning, the operation of the game is easy to understand and master. he biggest feature of this game is that the properties of the block on the path of the monster can be changed.Players can use the "TERRAIN" to take the initiative to change the properties of a piece of flooring,can also kill the monster, the monster to change the properties of a piece of flooring. Terrain is divided into ordinary terrain, deceleration terrain, fixed terrain and chaotic terrain,special terrain can play a role in inhibiting most of the monsters,and for some special monster movement speed and other attributes will have the effect of gain;Special monsters will also clear the player has completed the set of terrain. Compared with the expensive tower, the terrain is free of charge,can combine the high damage of the tower together to attack the monster,in every battle map, each type of terrain is only fixed number can be used,so,the players should be based on the situation of the battlefield, flexible use of the terrain,thus greatly increased the game's strategy and operation of the richness. The terrain is also designed to be a delicacy,such as the reduction of syrup, baby sugar, etc.The terrain will be consumed by the monster gradually,after all, we face the enemy is chowhound! In this game the enemy is chowhound,and the player can control the weapons: defense towers, but are food.Isn't that exactly what the enemy wants?In fact that was not the case.Because in the kingdom of food, food is inexhaustible,our approach is to let the chowhound ate all the food, until the belly burst! A total of 3 levels of the enemy, respectively, as ordinary monsters, special monsters and the ultimate monster.Ordinary monsters have only two attributes: speed and life;Special monsters, in addition to the speed and the value of life, but also has a characteristic,for example, to change the terrain, immune to some kind of defense tower attacks, according to the different terrain resulting gain effect, etc;The ultimate monster, in addition to the characteristics of the special monster, but also to the "FOOD KING(the goal we protect)" of higher damage.

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