Dragon Island

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Basic Information

  • Management Strategy
  • 1.0.1
  • 2017-12-15
  • 67.98MB

About The Game

In a world where human and dragons are living together, many different places are waiting for them to enjoy a happy life. But invaders are coming to attack the peace world. Luckily they come across a human tribe, who help them out by building a Safe Haven for the lost Dragons and their babies. • ABOUT THE GAME • Many Dragons The Dragons start out in their shelters as babies. Watch them as they grow and become adults. From an NPC to another NPC, there’s a multitude of different Dragons to explore and feed. DECORATE YOUR HOME Turn your safe haven into a lovely home for the dragons to flourish. Buy decorations and build structures to make playing Dragon Babies a pleasant experience! Collect revenue from the shops you build to earn more coins and XP. CUTE Dragon KIDS Try new ways to complete your Dragon family. Build a hatchery to house eggs, collect your babies from the nursery and reunite them with their family. Be creative and give every new baby a nickname. You will have to come up with lots of names! Friendly Battles You can have a PK with your friends in a global server. It means all of you can meet in game if you are friends. The PK needs strategy and great minds. So it is your work to grow your dragon stronger and stronger.

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