Amazon Jungle Survival Escape

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Basic Information

  • Eason Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Role Playing
  • 1.1
  • 2017-12-29
  • 54.63MB

About The Game

Enter the world of ultimate survival Island games. Survive the Jungle escape mission in an Amazon jungle among stranded deep forest. An ultimate Jungle survival Island adventure! Plan a strategy to steal the radio, escape from the local villagers and survive the extreme survival missions. It’s going to be a hard time to escape this Jungle. Now its time to start your stealth operations to get free from this jungle and the enemy. Move as invisible as a ghost Fight like a ninja, search for weapons to kill the enemy. Kick, punch, shoot and kill! Escape like a real commando. Go for your freedom. Amazon Jungle Survival Island adventure begins with a hard time to escape from a jungle along with your companion, Play survival missions in a dangerous jungle with wild animals and use your driving skills to fly a helicopter to escape jungle. Run for your life, fight the brutal targeted missions in a forest and use your flying simulator skills to fly a helicopter, first person shooting and third person shooter skills. Escape, Run and Shoot! As a mastermind attack your rivals to get back your belongings. Use all the possible tools to defend yourself from villagers. The hard time will pass away once you breakout free from this hell. Try escaping from even the narrowest ways. Running fast can make you farther from being caught. Give them a hard time. Bang the rivals and thrash into enemy.

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